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Kion Discord Bot

Kion, The Lion King-themed Bot For Everyone.

Getting started with the bot is easy, just run /help to see a list of all commands. All of our commands are slash commands, making getting started easy.

What can I do with Kion?
+ Image Generation, get some hilarious images in just a few seconds with commands like /triggered and /notstonks
+ YouTube Together, watch your favorite Music Videos or Rickroll your friends in realtime with /youtube
+ Utility, get information about a server or user with /server or /user
+ Memes, we've got a /family meme for all the Fast & Furious fans, and we're developing many more meme commands
+ 8ball, see the future... Get started and ask a question with /8ball
+ Have the bot say something with the /say command
? Always adding new features, something that you suggest could be here

Convinced yet?

If not, could I tell you the cost? Free, forever. No trials, no subscriptions, no costs. We'll never charge to add Kion to your server, so rest assured.