What is Discord Snowsgiving?

Learn about Discord Snowsgiving

What is Discord Snowsgiving?

Snowsgiving is Discords annual Christmas holiday celebration. Discord snowsgiving usually incudes new Discord Merch, nitro perks and daily quests to unlock rewards. During snowsgiving, any merch purchased will contribute to a charity chosen by Discord. We will cover the full details of Snowsgiving in this article.

Snowsgiving Discord Bot

In 2022, Discord introduced the Snowsgiving Bot as part of their holiday celebrations. The snowsgiving bot allows users to complete quests to unlock rewards including custom emojis that can be used on Discord.

Snowsgiving Quest: Wumpus Fishing Village

To complete this quest you have to use the /go-fishing command in the snowsgiving bot, you will need to repeatedly use this command until you fish up 3 custom emojis.

Discord snowsgiving