How to stop Discord from opening on startup

Learn how to stop Discord from opening on startup

How to stop Discord from opening on startup

People are able to connect with one another in real time via text, video, or voice through the use of an app called Discord. The problem with PCs, however, is that the Discord application begins to run automatically as soon as the computer is turned on. This may be very annoying. It is recommended that you disable the automatic opening of Discord on bootup because it slows down both the time it takes Windows to load and the speed of your computer.

When you turn on your computer, Discord will launch itself immediately because it is one of the programmes that are set to do so by default. Game streamers and other dedicated gamers will probably find this feature helpful, while casual users of Discord are more likely to find it annoying. In addition, opening Discord while the computer is booting up uses up system resources, which in turn makes the computer take longer to start up. Here is how to prevent Discord from launching automatically once you turn on your personal computer, in case you would prefer not to see it immediately away.

What exactly is Discord?

A platform for group communication, Discord allows users to engage with their friends, family, and coworkers. It enables you to share your screen, share instant messages with your friends, make video conversations with them, audio chat, and a variety of other communication options with them. The Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems all support free downloads of the Discord client software. In addition, Discord may be used immediately from a web browser, thus there is no need for any installation.

People today utilise Discord as a general use platform for all different kinds of communities, despite the fact that it was initially developed for the gaming community. Servers are the online communities that individuals join within Discord to talk about and communicate with one another about a certain subject. Each server has its own people who use it, as well as its own subjects and rules. At first glance, the messaging tool Discord may appear to be comparable to Slack. However, it has a great deal more to offer in the way of functionality, particularly for gaming enthusiasts

How can I prevent Discord from opening automatically when my computer boots up?

It is possible to prevent Discord from starting automatically on startup in one of two ways: either by removing the feature within the Discord application itself or by utilising the Windows Task Manager. To prevent Discord from starting itself without your intervention, you can do either of the two detailed steps. The first method is to use the Discord settings to disable the automatic startup of Discord.

  • Launch the Discord client on your personal computer.
  • Click the "Windows Settings" option after navigating to the "User Settings" section that is located next to your avatar.
  • Turn off the option to "Open Discord" by toggling it off.

First, turn on your computer and go to your desktop, where the Discord app is. Then, go to the settings for the user. (The Gear icon shows you where to find this.) On the right side of your avatar, you can see it.

Next, click on the "Windows Settings" option on the left side of the screen. Now, under "System Startup Behaviour" you will see the "Open Discord" option. Last, turn off the Open Discord option to stop Discord from starting up when your computer does.

The second method is to utilise the Windows Task Manager:

  • Proceed to the task manager, and then select the "More details" option.
  • Proceed to the 'Start-up' tab located at the very top of the screen.
  • Find Discord, and then turn off its server.

To begin, right-clicking anywhere on the Taskbar will take you to the Task Manager on your computer. You also have the option of making use of the search bar that is located in the taskbar to look for it. After that, navigate to the Task Manager window and locate the bottom left-hand corner where it says "More Details." Click here.

Then, at the very top of the screen, select the option labeled "Start-up selection." On this page, you will be able to view all of the applications that run when you switch on your personal computer. The next step is to locate and launch the Discord app. You will see that a 'Disable' option has been added to the bottom right corner of the window.