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  • Prefix: i.
  • Servers: 13
  • Category: Moderation
  • Accepts Donations?: No
  • Last Bumped: 1 day ago

IceHedgehog Discord Bot

A bot called IceHedgehog, it's a bot that has moderator, economy and some fun commands!

IceHedgehog is a bot that can help you with your server. You can report the bugs in the support server, use ``i.server`` to get the invite link!

The prefix is: ``i.``
The help command: ````

**Commands Categories**:
- Info
- Economy
- Fun
- Moderator
- Support
- Settings

**Some Commands**:

Info - servercount, membercount
Economy - work, gift, deposit - withdraw, beg (and of course balance)
Fun - guess, rn, reverse, pizza
Moderator - kick, ban - unban, lock - unlock, warn, addrole - removerole
Settings - setting, getsetting

You can use `` <command>`` to see the info of a specific command.