Global Economy💸

Global Economy💸

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  • Prefix: e! or E!
  • Servers: 884
  • Category: Economy
  • Accepts Donations?: Yes
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Global Economy💸 Discord Bot

Global Economy💸

`750+ servers!`

Global economy is a great bot to have around if you are trying to build a community of to make a server with your friends

The bot has a lot of fun commands that you can 1v1 agains people and owners and admin can even make their own economy system that
includes a server shop, money making ways and much more.

**Here are its the top 5 most used categories:**
`server economy`

**Words and rates from the community:**

**"Char, E General#9362"**:
`The bot gives a awesome experience, if you think about it, it shows how to manage money XD. Staff isn't disrespectful, same with the community itself.`

`amazing bot, could use some work but its definitely been fun having around.`

`I like how it has the Glowcoins stocks and stuff, i think thats a cool feature.
Also music has quality. Almost good as a full focused music bot.
Ping is awesome, responds very quickly
It has a lttle bit of moderation too so thats sick.`

`this is the best and it's addictive`


(all users agreed that we will use their discord names and tag)

we can insure you:
- Great support if needed!
- A really good time having the bot!
- A good ping!
- 99% uptime!

**Important links**
・[support server](
・[Invite the bot](

**So what are you waiting for? invite the bot!**
the developer of the bot
Broken Tooth#1737