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Kayuri server

42 Members

Hey, Kayuri Server is a new server where you can talk to random people or chill in...

Are you interested in meditation and want to do more than use meditation for relax...

F1 Racing '20

2 Members

Server for the game F1 2020. Find people to play with, discuss, share tips and tri...


587 Members

HEET is an esports team playing Valorant ,Pubg join our friendly community for Co...

Absolute Legends

1.0K Members

a European multigaming organization. Best community for esports ! CSGO/League of...

Fallen City, a social hub with populated voice chats hosting weekly events such as...

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257 Servers

Ullmina is a basic command bot for all Discord servers u+help: shows the bot in...


76 Servers

Mitsuha can execute fun, memey commands and some general commands . It can even ta...


957 Servers

Divination made accessible! I provide in-depth meanings via Tarot, Runes, Lenorman...


130 Servers

Hi, I'm here to provide Discord safe images with a custom API and others.. - note...


49 Servers

From coinflips to random phrases, this bot can provide your random and useful need...

Muzzled Fox

2.4K Servers

I'm a gag bot that will gag you and force you to say "Yes, Sir!". I wil...

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