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NoKingdom SMP Discord Server

NoKingdom SMP is a Vinilla Minecraft Server with the addition of a Lore Behind it and a custom resource & datapack to allow players to have unique items to the defaul Minecraft Items and it all still being on the Vinilla version of the game.

The Server constantly gets updates to plugins, resources & spawn. There is so much to do within the server like ranking your McMMO lvls up to max or getting a job to earn money as you go and tben buying things you need using that money.

The community is amazing & when people are on you are always greeted with a hello & a how have you been. The community is so helpful and Kind. The owners do giveaways quite often giving out free rewards or custom items that is only unique to you.

The amount of things you can do in NoKingdom SMP is endless & its getting bigger & bigger by the day. Come join our server now and check us out.

- Server IP:
- Available on both Java & Bedrock
- Game Version: 1.2

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NoKingdom SMP Discord server has 89 members and was last bumped on our Discord server list 2 hours ago. NoKingdom SMP also has 75 emojis, 2 boosters and is located in the Us Central region.

To join NoKingdom SMP on Discord, click the "join this server" button on this page. You will then be redirected to join the server on Discord.

The Discord server invite for NoKingdom SMP is

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