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Mystic Dice Falls Discord Server

At Mystic Dice Falls, characters gather…

At the northern edge of the jungle, just to the east of the river Soshenstar, a Batari hunter of the Raptor Clan crouches in a thick patch of vegetation as a swarm of Compsognathus dart about him. The air thrums with predatory rattles vibrating out of their tiny throats. Dropping a piece of meat to his ‘children,’ he stares northward. Some thirty miles ahead, the walls of Port Nyanzaru rise to shield the city from the dangers of the Chult, but the goblin’s Queen was clear—the dreamers prophesied that a cure to the death curse would arrive among the wall-squatters, so Tokz squatted and waited.

At Mystic Dice Falls, characters become heroes…

Leonardo narrows his eyes and focuses, the psychic blade solidifying in his grasp like a painful memory. Blood drips from a cut on the half-elf’s brow. Sweat beads between his shoulder blades—Kryptgarden Forest’s muggy air clinging to his skin.

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Mystic Dice Falls Discord server has 341 members and was last bumped on our Discord server list 56 mins ago. Mystic Dice Falls also has 35 emojis, 14 boosters and is located in the Us Central region.

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