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Phoenix SMP Promation Discord Server

~The sever you are going to go into is not the real SMP it is just so we wouldn't have to add so many bots just to promote the sever so once you get in there just click the link and enjoy!~

Real SMP information
Heyyy I'm Layla a female Minecraft player I am here to make a good impression on you so you will join my Minecraft bedrock SMP

We plan on making YouTube videos tik toks and even streaming on twitch so if you join we would like you to be able to do one of those or at least edit! Also you have to be able to be active and maybe even VC we plan on having events like Christmas and stuff like that

♡ No homophobic people ★✰✯

♡ No bullying ★✰✯

♡ No breaking stuff the SMP★✰✯

♡ No being rude ★✰✯

♡ You get 3 warnings the 3 one will get you ban ★✯☆

♡ Listen to the staff ★✰✯

♡ Must be 13-16 no you