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fancie froggies Discord Server

```hii welcome to **fancie froggies**, a discord server !! in this server:
♡ lots of super cool members to talk about anything
♡ many bots to interact with
♡ giveaways and events
♡ question of the day, memes, and many more fun channels
♡ no racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist, or offense messages, jokes or slurs of any kind
♡ rob and heist disabled for dank memer
♡ custom emojis
♡ channel to vent or rant about anything, with people to help comfort you, as well as a channel providing positive mental health
♡ gaming channels and vcs and we host gaming days
♡ non toxic
♡ lgbtq+ friendly and any community (as long as its not toxic)
please be nice and have fun !!

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