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Productify Discord Server

We envision this server as a place to keep you company as you grind out your assignments until the wee hours of night. 🌃 Frolic through our diverse and evolving array of channels, find comfort immersing yourself in our lofi radio, 📻and engage in interesting conversations with peers from around the world! 🌎

We're giving away 10 FREE discord nitro classics for a month. The server is small, so chances to win are super high! Some other benefits of using out server include
🤖 An AI bot with video solutions to any highschool math problem you may have.
👂 Lofi radio to keep you focused and refreshed as you do your work.
🏙 A community of world class helpers and students from universities like Berkeley, UCLA, UofT, and University of Waterloo.

Our admins and mods are super active, and since this server is young, your voice has a huge impact on the direction of this server. Want a new channel dedicated to your Bubble Tea addiction? We'll make one!

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