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The Underground Discord Server

~ ~ ~ Welcome to The Underground, the perfect gaming and community server on discord. We provide a wide array of gaming-related channels and content that's fit for all audiences. Not only do we have a massive gaming platform, but we allow the opportunity to express themselves besides video games! ~ ~ ~

We offer the following:

Plentiful amount of gaming channels.
Frequent giveaways.
Meet hundreds of like-minded people and create friendships and bonds!
The opportunity to be granted access to the VIP role/room includes a list of valuable services such as free counseling and self-promotion.
A fantastic music room where you can listen to your favorite jams!
Community channels where you have the opportunity to post more content!
Our team is LGBTQ-friendly and respects all sexual preferences. Users will be asked to respect other people's choices as well.
We also integrated a fantastic NSFW section for the server—the server's rules bind users' to verify before they can acces

Gaming Dating Dank Memer LGBT NSFW