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Minsky's Tavern Discord Server

Heyo, traveler!! It looks like you've been journeying for quite a long time... why not come on in to Minsky's Tavern? We've got all sorts of food and drink to ease your fatigue.

Pro's of joining Minsky's Tavern:
Plenty of bots to have fun with (Mudae, RPGbot, PokeTwo)
10+ roleplay channels
Specified looking-for channels (looking for male, female, etc)
Tons of OOC things to do!!
Some awesome emotes, plus self roles!!!

Cons of joining Minsky's Tavern:
None!!! We are a completely friendly and non-toxic server!!! Our only language is English (makes it easier to moderate) and our staff are super friendly as well!! This is an 18+ ONLY server so minors will not be welcome!!

We welcome suggestions to make our server as wonderful as possible!!

So, come on in, Traveler. You deserve some rest!

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