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Triba - Business Community Discord Server

Triba is your place to connect with clients, investors, marketers and consultants.

It's a new way to do business and marketing without googling your problems.
Ask a community mentor that cares!

Our community is dedicated to helping you grow on a professional level. We are user-driven and content-focused.

Get answers to your toughest questions!

We offer a friendly environment to engage with businesses, meet new friends, and grow your personal and professional network

- Come listen to our Triba Council stage on **Friday's @ 5 pm**
- Listen to the Community Guide podcast on **Thursday's @ 3 pm**
- Or just drop in for our weekly Meet & Greet on **Monday's @ 1 pm**

Monday through Friday we have a Q&A session where you can come get help and meet the admins! Join coworking at 12:00 pm (EST) or 5:00 pm (EST)

Check out our main events here: for a complete list!

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