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Star Universe Discord Server

Have you ever wanted to belong to something bigger than yourself? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have where to call your home away from home? I know I did which is why I created star universe a place for all to call come and make friends regardless of differences where all can be a star in their own way. What we offer is a warm inviting community filled with acceptance and love come join us among the stars ,make new friends ,family come find where you truly belong we are more than just a community we are family.

What will you find in our little corner of the universe?
-Friendly community members
-engaging staff
-access to discord perks ,stickers emojis
-game nights
-story nights
-movie nights
-holiday events
-we have a translation bot since we are a international community.
There's a little something for every unique star in our corner of the universe come join us and be a star!

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