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anime panties Discord Server

anime panties is mostly a gaming and anime based server and community, though anyone is welcome to join us. (ꈍᴗꈍ)♡

our server offers:

♡ daily chatting w other members - the topics can be about anything; within boundaries to our rules.
° there are several other categories that can be used, not just our general category.
° we provide a safe space, where anyone can be their selves without having to worry abt bullying and/or harassment.

♡ fun bots!!
° mudae, owobot, mee6, idlerpg, plus several more!

♡ gaming with other people
° league of legends, minecraft, black desert online, dead by daylight, phasmaphobia, the forest, ark, rainbow six siege, valorant, overwatch, genshin impact, don't starve together, dota 2, world of warcraft, and much much more!

♡ cute server emotes
° we currently have 38 server emotes, that can be used anywhere and everywhere (with nitro ofc)
° on top of that, we are currently expanding our emotes and ad

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