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Bloody Snow Discord Server

"Reznov leave him! He is a goner!" Heard over a radio along with groaning and banging later on screaming then two sets of heavy boots and a door slamming "if anyone can hear this there has been a major outbreak we don't know what it is but it has brought our own down on our heads flee from Russia flee as far as you can the dead cannot be in peace anymore...HOLD THE DOOR THEY'RE GETTING IN!" louder banging and soon a door crashing to the ground and a few gunshots and another scream followed by one last set of boots running up or down some stairs then what sounds to be a heavy door opens "if you can hear not trust any stumbling man, or you might become his next me or not...I feel this is the end of all ends"

this was the beginning of the end as the invection spread across the world within 48 hours not a single country free from zombies of course the militarys fought back but after months of fighting the militarys fell and anyone le