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Duke's Cave Discord Server

Duke's Cave
Welcome to Duke's Cave! We are a new server on Discord. Our goal is to provide a server for people to relax, chat, have fun and chill. Check out what we offer below!

What we offer!

-A fun place to hang out and relax.
-Giveaways and events that include prizes.
-Fun channels, that include memes, jokes, counting channels and an economy.
-Partnerships and self advertising.
-Level roles and inviter roles that include perks.
-A friendly community including staff.
-No NSFW content. Our server is safe for all ages.

Staff Applications
Currently our server has open staff applications for people who are interested.

Art Contest
We are currently offering an art contest for the server icon!

Ready to join? Join VIA the link below!
Invite: https://discord.gg/KD3xhsr23F

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