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Times of Gamers Discord Server

Times of Gamers
︶︶︶ (๑•̀ᴗ•̀)ˊˎ-
the following things is what we guarantee you:

✗ 13+ and non-toxic 

✗ Different comon gaming news is here.
✗ Find homies to play games with
✗ news and updates for:-
①sky (children of light)
②league of lengeds (lol)
③mobile legends (mlbb)
④player unknown battleground (pubg)
⑤free fire
✗ Listening music (anything you like)
✗ call room is also for you.
✗ news for the game you like is also available to be request for the server.
✗ And much more!

↳ ✧ Link : https://discord.gg/dVEzAAwShY