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In Link We Trust Discord Server

Welcome to In Link We Trust

We're a bunch of Dudes and Dudettes that play Pokémon and other games.

What have we got to offer? Glad you asked.

Daily Pokémon giveaway with either a know pool or gacha system.
Shiny raids and adventures
Emulation help and files for playing those golden oldies.
A Sun/Moon - Ultra Sun/Moon GTS Bot
An animal crossing sysbot
A sysbot that lets you:
- Make any legal Pokémon
- Get any legal item
- Get eggs
- Get any Ditto in any language

And last but not least, Pokécord with a twist!
Ever thought: 'Gosh I wish I could own this Pokétwo Jirachi...'? Not an issue no more!
You can get them in your game!!!

Pokemon Giveaways Bots