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[Jojo's Bizarre Chat and Roleplay]

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[Jojo's Bizarre Chat and Roleplay] Discord Server

Hey there! [Jojo's Bizarre Chat and Roleplay] is a server dedicated to Jojo's Bizarre adventure (Anime-Manga) roleplaying, but also just talking about Jojo's and Anime in general! We have a couple of different bots that provide entertainment, like Rythm, Mudae and Dio, as well as huge roleplaying grounds! Of course, the roleplaying is Jojo's Bizarre adventure themed, so I highly recommend watching the show/reading the manga (although i'm sure you already have) before joining. We're trying to help the server grow as much as possible, since it's VERY new at the moment, we literally have like- very, VERY few people, so why not give it a try? It might seem dead when you first join, but please give us a chance! I'm sure you'll have fun, and we'll be glad to have you! Thanks, and I hope to see you there! :)

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