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K-HEAVEN Discord Server


☞ A SFW server where you can discuss about airing kdramas!

☞ We also offer channels for other interests, such as anime, manga, kpop, webtoons, and more!

☞ We just got started but we hope this doesn't stop you from joining us!

☞ We have plans on having game nights or movie nights!

☞ Once our community has been established, we'll be opening Group Watch.

☞ We've got leveling roles.

☞ We've got lots of fun bots such as Dank Memer, Mudae, Karuta, AniGame, and more!

☞ We've also got self-assignable roles!

What are you waiting for, kdrama addict? Come and join us!

Aesthetic Fun Chill Kpop Fandom