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MCYT Simps Discord Server

⤷ :: MCYT Simps ͟웃̟͟

➜ Come join the newly founded MCYT community! ((Mainly focused on the dream smp gang but everyone is welcome regardless of interests!)) ::

⁑ ⁑ our server strides to be as professional as possible in terms of layout and staff however we still have a lot to offer ↴ ↴

☽ updates from MCYT’s on all platforms :: Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

☽ a wide range of channels to discuss particular topics MCYT related or not

☽ a bunch of roles to choose from :]

☽ giveaways and game nights in the foreseeable future

↳ in addition, we would love to work along side members to create the best server possible so we have many ways of communicating together for input. Don’t be shy to express your opinion ࿏

:: We hope to see you in our server!