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SneakyHub | Hosting Discord Server

The whole reason why we exist is because we noticed smaller developers who may not have the money to purchase a vps or purchase bot hosting or anything needed in order to host their discord bot 24/7 and it sucks that there isnt a place where you can ask for help. Host your bot 24/7 without any issues.. Until now!

My name is Sneaky, I have created this community to help smaller developers further their development and potentially make a wonderful discord bot development community dedicated to help develop discord bots. Regardless of your skills, current bot or future bot functionality the goal here is to host everyones discord bot for free. With minimal downtime.

There is huge plans for this community.
All I ask is if you are slightly curious about what were doing just come and say hi and look around.

We offer 24/7 free discord bot and website hosting.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day :heart:

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