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The Backlewds Discord Server

At certain points in reality, one may find themselves accidentally entering a land that is equal parts beautiful and horrifying, a place where the laws of reality do not not apply. This, is The Backlewds, a series of different levels each containing their own dangers but many having yet to be discovered. As of now, The R.E.D. Group is looking for researchers to find and document new rooms for the R.E.D. To potentially claim as their own

Some key features of The Backlewds include
✧ Extensive and interesting lore which the community can ad to!
✧ LGBTQ+ Friendly, every life counts in a place like this!
✧ Several side-chats for when you wish to take a break from adventuring!

There are some other things as well, but those will be a surprise for those that wish to not only survive The Backlewds, but THRIVE in them! We look forward to seeing you, so long as The Clowns don't get to you first :}

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