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Vortex SS Discord Server

Are you looking for a cheap condo ss? Well this is the perfect one for you!
With the help of m a x.#6666 and Cyber#1676 We made a powerfull roblox condo SS, It can execute anything.
The buttons we have on the ss:
-Hide Text
-Script hub

What is in the script hub u may ask?

In the script hub we have
-Grab Knife V4
-Inf Yield
-Chocolate X Hub
-Retro Hub
The ui looks like this :
(paste into your browser)
The script hub looks like this :
(paste into your browser)
And yes, This is the best cheap condo serverside. We have great mods and members. I spent alot of time on this and i think it's great.
That's it bye!.