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iNTERN3T NATION™ Discord Server


Every year we transfer more and more of our lives to the digital world. Many of us work from home and the internet has become our office. Gamers play and stream to connect with their favorite games and special people. Many even use the internet to escape IRL. We understand, most of us have been there and we're here to help. iNTERN3T NATION is a place to be yourself and most importantly, have fun with friends. We want to build a community that supports you and your interests. Having a rough day? Come vent. Having a great day? Share it with your new friends! You Gamers want to chat about those games and meet up? Then we'll give you a safe place to do just that. Discord has provided us with a wide array of goodies. Do you code or do you just love bots? We're only limited by our imagination. So, please come join a community that cares. You never know what you'll find. We are still fairly new so please be patient with us as we make the server the best it can.

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