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Fantasia Discord Server

Hey! Hey you, do you want to help build a community with your friends? Do you want to hangout and talk about random shit? Maybe.. play some games, talk while playing games, maybe even some genshin Impact? Well then you found the right place! We're a small community of weirdos who don't really like drama too much! So if you just want a cool place to hang out with your buds, and relax in a mostly non-dank meme environment than we're the community for you!

🌸 Very accepting community, with fun sarcasm.
✩ Small place to talk about nonsense, gaming, anime, and whatever else is on your mind.
🌸 Custom visuals, and unique Emotes.
✩ No affiliations to be spammed with, or pressure to join others.
🌸 Many server updates, and ways to rank up.
✩ Fun-times in voice chat.
🌸 Several interesting bots to entertain you for the down hours.
✩ Plus we have many news bots to always keep you informed on the latest anime, gaming, and entertainment news!

Gaming Anime Fun Chill Emotes