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Catholic Connect 🇻🇦 Discord Server

🕊 Catholic Connect is on a mission to connect Catholics & people discerning to the faith via communities through our discord platform.

👥 We are a growing community! ● with our reach spanning across the world, our community continually grows everyday.
📣 Spotlight ● meet & connect with other Catholics, introduce yourself, share photos, videos and more on demand.
🤲 All are welcome! ● resident apologists; Ask questions, discover & know more about the beauty of the Catholic faith.
💛 For a healthy society ● providing a safe space for everyone is priority; support and accountability channels that are catered to help everyone.
🙏 Proclaiming the gospel ● daily readings, liturgical feasts & reflections to aid the needs of all Catholics.
🔔 Reminding the community ● even if you're busy, we got you; Daily prayer reminders, motivational pings & many more!

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Our passion is faith & technology