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Welcome to the world of Lekkria! This is a land full of magic and wonder, with elves in the great forests, dwarves who mine in the mountains, dragons to ravage the landscape, mermaids who dwell in the sea, and Heroes. You have been blessed with Garn. A special ability that allows the user to control magic! As well as allowing them to push past the athletic and physical limits of a normal human being. You'll be attending the prestigious Harken Hero Academy, to learn how to use Garn in all sorts of ways. You'll be starting as first years, and making your way through the four years of school to become full-fledged Adventurers! You can choose from five different Hero classes, each with their own abilities and playing style. There's warriors who excel in combat, mages who use magic to smite their opponent's, clerics who use support magic to help their allies, thieves who assassinate their prey, and mage warriors who combine magic and combat to create a deadly force.

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