✨ we on that imposter route ✨

✨ we on that imposter route ✨

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✨ we on that imposter route ✨ Discord Server

╭─ 🖇,, ⟶ .·. ⊹. ,⡠A discord for Among Us, gaming, making friends, and chilling. A bunch of friends bringing others together with a server!
We have active mods, level roles, and are trying to be inclusive as we can. Neopronouns are embraced and in the pronoun roles, we will add
more later. The LGBT+ community is welcome of course! (Weebs and Kpop Stans are exclusively invited, we saved a spot for you..) Hope to see
you soon! <3 -Rei- ⚘﹝⠢ ° ..

╰┄─➤lgbt friendly
╰┄─➤movie/gaming nights
╰┄─➤(we have weebs, come join)
╰┄─➤and I promise you will actually be able to make friends :)
╰┄─➤music/study w me's



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