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The Losers' Club

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The Losers' Club Discord Server

♡ Welcome to The Losers' Club! ♡

Our server is a very chill and friendly community. Feel free to chat, listen to music, use the bots, or really anything! Sometimes staff positions are open, too! Currently, we are looking for a new moderator!!

We have a lot of cool features such as:
♡ self-assignable roles
♡ custom emojis, including cute Danganronpa ones!
♡ adorable layout
♡ *a lot* of bots (e.g. Rhythm, Aki, MarriageBot, ZeroTwo, etc)
♡ quite a few Danganronpa fans
♡ lots of gamers, too
♡ special events (short story contests, art contests, movie nights)

We're super cool 😎
You should totally join!!!

♡ Thanks for reading! ♡

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