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  • Members: 127
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Last Bumped: 11 months ago
  • Total Emojis: 75
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  • Server Region: Us West
  • Features: Preview Enabled Member Screening News Channels
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Water’s ChillZone Discord Server

Water's ChillZone
A perfect place to chill and hangout online
Server Perks:
🌊・A Chill Theme
🌊・Server Economy
🌊・A Place WhereYou Can Make Friends
🌊・Levels + Perks Earned For Activity
🌊・like Video Games, Art, Entertainment, Or Memes ?, Perfect
🌊・Organized Layout
🌊・Many Events
🌊・Always Cool Emotes For Any Kind Of Mood
🌊・Seasonal Updates, Exclusive Roles And Temporary Server Icon Change
🌊・Bot Games So There Is Always Something To Do
🌊・Partner With Us

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