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🌟┃AAA EXP Discord Server

-FRESH WIPED update 1.13 discord.gg/U3aCBTS
-MAIN SERVER (3XLOOTAAAEXP)xbox one 50 slot with over 2000 discord members
-the perfect balance of pvp and rp, so everyone feels at home
-custom loot distribution (removed useless items, 3x more loot)
-fight club on weekends come make some money (fight night is back)
-3XLOOTAAAEXP Best server on xbox for past 6 month
-Trader location(Kras Airfield)
-new taxi service faction (they will pick you up for a fee)
-faction/pvp based server
-killfeed/bounty hunters
-friendly staff and trusted players(huh!! you cant trust no one)
-longer days & 30 minutes
-weapons spawn with mags & guns/food spawns on the coast(don't get caught slippin looking for food)
-replace helis with police crash 15 helis sites
-limited raiding tools

-kill zombies/players and loot helis for loot
-There is no loot in any building.
-You have to kill for what you