Cathulian Academy {ERP Server}
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This server is looking to partner with other servers. Contact the owner for more information.

About Cathulian Academy {ERP Server}

Cathulian Community
A place for everyone to come hangout talk about random stuff and discus art. As well as an extensive ERP section for those who enjoy that sort of thing (Like the owner owo). We accept all kinds of members and would love for you to join us.
``` ```
-Furry Friendly
-LGTBQA+ Friendly
-All styles of RP Welcome.
-Optional NSFW RP
-No restriction on races
-Detailed OC Format,
-Pretty much endless possibilities for your OC to be
-Nitro Giveaways
-Movie Nights and More
``` ```
So join today either if you are looking to make some friends, showcase some art, or just to rp with a friendly and non-judgmental server. Are staff are friendly and diverse and no matter the problem we are here to listen and try to help to make this server better for everyone no matter what. And dont worry about not wanting to see the NSFW content, if you dont want to see it you dont have to due to it being a choose able role.