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Team Saint Discord Server

We are a rapidly growing Esports organisation that is open for gamers all around the world. We offer a positive community for gamers to interact with one another. We also have an active discord server.

Currently, we are mainly focusing on Fortnite however we are hoping to branch out to other games, including Overwatch and more.

We host zone wars, customs, and scrims, where players can compete with one another and prove themselves. This can also help members get professional advice with our Main Team Players. Most importantly we encourage a positive experience for all.

We have active social accounts, such as Twitter and Instagram, where we update our members on current news surrounding Fortnite and other games. We also address the public, using our socials, on large changes or updates to our team.

Our staff are professional and communicate in a kind and polite manner. They work extremely hard every single day to improve as an organisation. They make decisions that