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Streamer's Horizon Discord Server

For all things streaming related.


Promote your stream with the server for free in several channels

Get a chance every week to have a dedicated channel at the top of the server for your streams only.

If you promote our server on your stream page, we will give you special perks in the server.

Communicate and build up your twitch community within our server

Find emotes for your stream with a dedicated channel for designers to show off their dank skills.

Stream Viewers

Find amazing streamers to watch.

Meet new people

Follow streamers more closely and have a chance to meet and speak with them in the server!

Have a key role in helping new streamers get started

Stream emote designers

Advertise your emote making skills in a dedicated channel where streamers can browse them and pay you to use them.

Build up relationships with streamers to find more streamers to make emotes for

Free publicity for your emotes and any artistic skills you may h