How to report someone on Discord

Learn how to report on Discord

How to report someone on Discord

You should be aware of how to report other users if you find that they are breaking the rules on Discord. We hope that your time spent on Discord is a pleasant one, filled with fun times spent chatting with friends and other interesting individuals you meet online. On the other hand, it is essential that you know how to report a user on Discord who is behaving in an unacceptable manner. We won't make you put up with inappropriate behaviour by showing you how to report a Discord user on the desktop app, but we will show you how to do so on the mobile app.

How to Report a User on Your Mobile Device in Discord

The iPhone and Android apps for Discord make it simple to report another user for inappropriate behaviour. You simply need to scroll to the message that you want to report and click on it. Hold down the button, then select "Report" from the drop-down menu at the very bottom of the list. This option will be available for direct messages (DMs) as well as public messages. On the screen that follows, choose a category for the report to generate.

If you wish to report Discord Servers, you can do so by opening the server from the left switcher, tapping the button with three dots at the top, and selecting Report Server from the list that appears.

That is everything that has to be done on your end; there are no other requirements. However, because this form of reporting does not require you to include as many details as the other methods, Discord suggests that you additionally submit a full ticket for the report, as will be outlined below.

You can access the same online form (which will be covered in the following part) in the browser on your mobile device, but doing so will be much simpler if you use a desktop or laptop computer.

How to Report Someone Using the Desktop Version of Discord

Unlike smartphone apps, the desktop programmes for Discord do not provide a report function as part of their core functionality. You will need to visit the Submit a request page on the Discord website instead. This page can be accessed by clicking the Submit a request button that is located in the top right corner of the website. This is the approach that is used the most frequently to report someone on Discord.

Please keep everyone safe by reporting problems on Discord.

You should report other users if you see them breaking the rules of Discord, which is an otherwise enjoyable place to hang out together. Allowing people to get away with bad behaviour that destroys the experience for everyone else is not acceptable. Ask a server mod if you are unsure about whether or not a certain action constitutes a reportable behaviour.

Choose Trust & Safety from the drop-down menu titled "What can we help you with?" located on this page, then enter your email address. There are three pertinent alternatives for reporting someone that can be found under the heading, "How can we help?"

  • Use this function to report inappropriate behaviour or content, such as cyberbullying, explicit content or behaviour, hacks, malware, scams, fraud, violent extremism, and similar incidents.
  • Use this to report a user or bot that is spamming you, a server that is dedicated to spreading spam, or anything else of a similar nature.
  • Report any other problem: Please report any additional problems, such as underage users, worries about self-harm, or a previously banned person creating new accounts.
  • Desktop for the Discord Report of Issues
  • You will see a different set of options in the What would you like to report? box that is located below it depending on the option that you select. In addition to that, further choices will appear below that. In what specific way? and I was wondering where the content is. boxes to provide full context.

Fill out the fields below to give as much information as you can about the incident you are reporting. For the majority of reports, you will be required to provide a message link or Discord message id to the communication that was flagged as inappropriate. You may get this by right-clicking on the message in Discord and selecting the Copy Message Link option from the context menu that appears. When you are ready to paste the link, click inside the box and then press Ctrl + V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac).

When sending messages to the general public, the URL should look like this: