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  • Prefix: bs
  • Servers: 32
  • Category: Gaming
  • Accepts Donations?: No
  • Last Bumped: 8 months ago

Brawlup Discord Bot

Bot Info: Brawlup is a Brawl Stars stats bot which helps you to get more information of a members' Brawl Stars account without entering the game!

Using the Bot: For commands type `bs help`. To use Brawl Stars commands, you must save your tag with the `bs save` command!

Don't forget: Bot is multilangual, you can change your server language with `bs set-lang` command. Brawlup has 5 prefixes, you can use whatever prefix you want (bs, b!, @Brawlup, bs., bs!). If you have any questions, please come to our support server to ask them.