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  • Prefix: !
  • Servers: 96
  • Category: Music
  • Accepts Donations?: No
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Funkie Discord Bot

Funkie is a multipurpose bot that helps you with everything for your server.
The Bot is a work in progress and we are working hard to get new features!

Moderation Commands

Funkie has multiple moderation commands such as ban, kick, nuke, lock (to lock a channel), slowmode and more

Funkie has a music system so you can listen to music (you can choose songs for the queue or you can even loop a song)

Funkie has some utility commands like userinfo, lastmessage, serverinfo and it can even do math for you

Funkie has multiple fun commands such as !meme, tweet, rps (rock paper scissors), givecookie, slap and more!
Funkie collects the best memes from reddit!