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Spoty Discord Bot

# SpotyBot

## Commands list

| name | example| description |
| --------------|--------|:-----------:|
| join |s/join |Makes the bot join your voice channel|
| loop |s/loops |Loops your playlist|
|lyrics | s/lyrics | Search Lyrics of songs |
|move| s/move | Move the position of the songs|
|nowplaying| s/np | Checks what is currently playing|
|play | s/p ```url/title```| Play music|
|queue| s/queue | View your Queue|
lpause| s/pause| Pause the currently track|
|resume| s/resume| Resume the currently track|
|shuffle| s/shuffle| shuffle from the queue|
|skip| s/skip| Skips the current track|
|stop| s/stop| Stops playing the current track|
|volume| s/vol ```{number 1-100}``` | Change the current volume of the music|