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  • Prefix: ch./Ch.
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  • Category: Anime
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cheems Discord Bot

## Meet Cheems, the doge

As a weeb and a memer, it can perform many tasks
The full list is written down below

1.Ch.anime [anime name]
Defines the information regarding the anime
Example: Ch.anime death note

2.Ch.manga [manga name]
Defines info regarding the manga including synopsis and others
Example: Ch.manga tokyo ghoul

3.Ch.waifu [waifu name]
Defines info regarding the waifu including rank and others
Example:Ch.waifu misaki mei [meme name]
Defines the meaning of the meme with extra information such as the origin, example and others
Example: pepe the frog

Gives you a random anime along with a basic synopsis and other info such as episode counts and others
Example: Ch.randomanime

Gives you a random anime character
Example: Ch.char

7.Ch.question [question]
Submits your question to the support server
Example: Ch.question is there an ETA for x feature?

8.Ch.suggest [suggestion]
Sends your suggestion to the support server
Example: Ch.suggest a music command
Gives you a random meme(don't blame cheems if it's not funny)
Gives you the full list of GIF reactions for cheems

11.Ch.av [mention]
Shows a user’s avatar
Ch.av @someone#1234

12.Ch.find [anime character picture link]
Tries to find the anime of the character based on the picture
Example: Ch.find