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  • Prefix: RH- (customisable)
  • Servers: 94
  • Category: Roleplay
  • Accepts Donations?: No
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Roleplay Helper Discord Bot

# Welcome to Roleplay Helper's disforge page! Read below for more information about Roleplay Helper!

Roleplay Helper is a moderation, roleplay, and fun discord bot. He has basic moderation commands.

Roleplay Helper now has a 100% uptime. If it is offline, the issue will be posted in the support server.

Anything you don't see that you would like to see? Suggest it!

# Server Start-Up Commands

Roleplay Helper has server start up commands already set so all you have to do is type a command! All SSU commands are limited to the @everyone permission so no one can abuse the fact it pings members!

# Economy Commands

Roleplay Helper has a basic economy system. It consists of the following commands:

+ bal
+ work
+ daily

# Moderation Commands

Roleplay Helper has basic moderation commands

They include:

+ kick
+ ban
+ clear
+ warn/warnings

# Fun Commands

Roleplay Helper has cool, and interesting fun commands free for every user!

They include of:

+ say
+ 8ball
+ rolldice
+ flip
+ space
+ roast
+ meme

# Ticket System

Roleplay Helper has a ticket system!

Commands consist of:

+ new
+ close

# Recent Update Log

Update Log:

• A better error catching method

Known bugs:

- None

Fixed Bugs:

- None

# Ending of page

Want anything added to the bot that it don't have? Suggest it in the support server!

Thanks for reading this! Consider adding Roleplay Helper! We need more suggestions so we can improve Roleplay Helper!