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Stream Master Discord Bot

### About
StreamMaster is a Discord bot that posts a message to your Discord Server letting you know when a your favorite streamer has gone live. The message will remove itself when that streamer is no longer streaming.

This bot was originally made for artists to announce when they stream on Picaro to their Discord members, but now it became much more than that.
Now the bot support Twitch, Picarto, Piczel, and YouTube.

I also have plans to add Pixiv Sketch,Instagram, and Facebook.
But this will be considered much later down the road.

### Bugs and Issues

The bot is getting bigger and bigger, so more bugs are
popping up. This is one of the reasons why I am publishing
this bot, and that is to get feedback. So it would be best
if you come talk to me if you're having issues.
My Discord is:

### Using StreamMaster

I will demonstrate by adding a twitch streamer to a Discord server.

1) Pick a twitch streamer that you want to look out for.
I've chosen EmadGG. For things to go smoothly, get the username from the url
so take "emadgg" from "".
2) Now pick a Discord channel that you want announce the streamer on.
#streams-ch is a good one.
Just make sure the bot has read/send permissions to that channel.
Also, the person running commands has to have manage_channel
4) Use the command to add the stream to the Discord server.
Here is the command that will do it.
`!SMTwitch add emadgg #streams-ch`
5) Now just wait for a message to pop up on the you Discord channel.
It should not take more than 10 min to see a message, that is if streamer
is live.

### Limitations

* When you first add the bot, you can have up to
only two streams setup with your server. This is enough
for most servers, but if you want more, come see me.

### More Help

All you need to know about using the bot is in the help commands.

A few Examples:
* `!SMhelp`
* `!SMhelp Twitch`
* `!SMhelp Twitch add`

Remember if you need help come see me on my discord.

### Screen Shots: