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  • Category: Economy
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GeneralBot Discord Bot

📌 Use `?help` to see all commands and explanations about them
📌 Delete some or all messages from a channel, even the oldest ones
📌 Ban, unban, kick, mute and unmute
📌 Creation of normal or secret text/voice channels
📌 Delete linked categories and channels at once
📌 Added mass roles for all members - ?adr @old-role @new-role
📌 Adding individual roles per member - ?adur @user @role
📌 Reaction system of 10 roles at a time and dozens per channel - ?rr "text" @role1 emoji1 @role2 emoji2...
📌 Secret communication between servers - ?sgd id-guild "hello neighbors!"
📌 Command to ask staff for help - ?sta "Staffs need help!"
📌 Incoming, outgoing and user ban channel system
📌 Server statistics channels - ?sch or ?state
📌 Massive nickname removal - ?removenicks all
📌 Math operations (?m 1+2, ?m 3*8/2-4*4, ?log(2), ?m cos(2), etc.)
📌 Word dictionary - ?robot dic, ?proparoxytone dic, etc
📌 Create invitation from other bots - ?bi @bot-name
📌 Economy games - daily coins, heads or tails, duels, mining, fishing, investments, banking, transfer of coins between servers, general and local rank, lottery, hacking of local or between servers
📌 Security system against malicious administrators

Discord servers have a common problem, lack of entertainment and fun! Owners need rest and encouragement to moderate the server.

generalBot has all the features to liven up your server, moderation features (basic, intermediate and advanced) to make your server safe and exciting. All functions are easy to configure; made for beginners to use, but with professional extension.

With our economy games you'll be able to mine coins, invest in stocks, earn income in savings, duel with your friends, apply for loans, buy lottery tickets, transfer your coins to other servers or to other users.

Make your server attractive, fun and automated!

Use the ?help command to see all commands and explanations!

Security Module - In the process of constant updating

GeneralBot is a bot made to administer and manage Discord servers. With this bot you will be able to assign administrative positions without worrying about the risks.

How does it work? The bot's security module removes all suspect's roles and removes it from the server when a user, who is not on the whitelist, bans/kicks a user or deletes a channel.

For channels, the bot will retrieve the deleted channels. Remember that the modules are in the testing phase and that you can help us improve this system or give tips for our module.

Come help us build this wonderful bot!