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Ero Manga Discord Bot

Have you ever wanted to write mangas or adapt them and turn them into animes? Well you can roleplay as a creator here!

## Getting started
Before you get into this madness, you need a account. To create a account, simply type .signup and you have your account.It takes less than 10 seconds.

## Earning money
To earn money, you can play minigames or you can claim daily and hourly lootboxes.

## Minigames
There are 4 minigames at the moment, hideandseek, guessmyname, guessthenumber and bet.You can gain money when you win each minigame and you won't lose anything if you lost any of the minigames.

Hide and Seek
To play hide and seek with Sagiri, you type .hideandseek or .hns.When the command is executed, Sagiri will send a embed containing a image that has 3 doors in it, each door will be labeled with the letter A, B and C, you'll have to type which and guess which door Sagiri is hiding in within 10 seconds.

Guess My Name
To play, type .gmn or .guessmyname.When the command is executed, you will be shown a embed with a picture of a character from Eromanga Sensei as the image and their description as the description.You will have 10 seconds to type the character's name.

Guess The Number
To play, type .gtn or .guessthenumber.When the command is executed, Sagiri will tell you that she is thinking a number between 2 numbers, you will have 10 seconds to guess and type which number Sagiri is thinking.

As the name implies, you bet a amount of money and then see if you win.To play, simply type .bet and the amount of your bet as the second argument, for example: .gamble 100 will bet 100 money.If you win, you will be given a amount of money as a reward.However if you lose, you will lose all your bet.

## Claims
You can claim every hour with the .hourly command or daily with the .daily command.While you can only get money when claiming hourly, you have a chance of getting some fans, paper and ink from the daily command.

## Creating
You can only create a Manga with the .create command.However as the description states, you can also adapt mangas and turn them into animes, work on lightnovels, games, music videos and doujinshis.

To create a manga, simply type .create and Sagiri will ask you a few questions about your manga, you will have 1 minute to answer each question.

## Main Feature
So lets say you have your manga created, you have claimed the daily and hourly lootboxes and now what are you supposed to do? Well you can advertise your manga with .advertise and gain some fans, likes, depending on the community system.While you're done with that, you can also gain some learning points.

## Jobs
To see the list of jobs, simply type .jobs and to join one, simply type .jobs join <Job Name>.To join a job, you'll need learning points, you can gain learning points with the .learn command, each job has different learning point requirements and with that it also has different payments.

## Picking Jobs
To choose a job thats posted by a human, type .wb or .workboard and it will show 5 random work requests posted by humans.You can choose which job you want to pick if the requirements are met.You can also post job requests by doing .wb post <Payment> <Product> <Work Description>.You can also see all your work request's status by typing .wl or .worklist

## Working
If you didn't pick any jobs in the work board, Sagiri will create a new job for you to work on.To work, all you need to type is .work every 2 minutes, when you completed your work, you will be payed.