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UnitedBot Discord Bot

**Advanced Moderation** |
A wide range of moderation commands to manage and control your server.

**Self-Assignable Roles** |
Allow users to add/remove roles.

**Role/Channel Creator** |
Create and delete roles or channels coming soon.

**Server and Mod logs** |
Keep up to date with everything happening and changing in your server.

**Utility** |
You'll never seen utility like this before.

**Music** |
Pretty simple to use but may glitch or delay at times!

**Entertainment** |
Have fun with a collection of entertainment commands. Keep suggesting more!

**Economy** |
An economy or currency system that is very similar to Dank Memer's coming soon!

And more!

Note | If  they're any bugs please join the support server and report it! We're also looking for staff for the support server as well.