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Absolute Discord Bot

Absolute was made with simplicity in mind, no dashboard, no configs, none of that, just a bot that the moment you add, is set up completely for you.

Absolute offers many different features including your basic moderation commands, utility commands (wip), fun commands, giveaway commands, ticket commands, and more. These all can be explored by doing .help, Absolute runs off of Discord’s perm base, and it initizalizes itself the moment it is added to any server.

Absolute also introduces a one of a kind anti-raid/anti-troller system (WIP), our staff and moderators on a daily collect trollers, raiders, raid bots, and more. They add these bots to a database. Once added to the database anytime these bots/trollers are added to your server, their request is automatically denied. We use Discord’s native IP ban for these bans.

Absolute also has recently introduced a advanced ticket system, with commands that are unique, and similar to front-end ticket bots, the only difference, Absolute can do it all, from moderation to tickets. No need to have 6 bots in your server when you could just have one that satisfies all your needs!

Absolute is online 24/7 using world-class hosting, so you’ll never have to worry about any sort of downtime. The bot will always be there when you need it!