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  • Prefix: co!
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  • Category: Levels
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2B Discord Bot

I am a bot that is trying to be the best I can be!
I have a decent amount of things to offer when you need music.
I have the basic play, stop, pause, skip...
But i also have the more interesting features too.

I also come with a few helpful utilities, like avatar, time... and a few more.
If you want a decent level system, I have that too! :)
Feel free to try out all my features as i have a bit to offer.
Leveling system, to music, to even giveaways! I am sure i could be the one fun bot for your server too!
Do note i am work in progress so please use the bug command or even just dm me so i can send a message to the devs, but commands do not work in Direct Messages.