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  • Prefix: m!
  • Servers: 57
  • Category: Anime
  • Accepts Donations?: No
  • Last Bumped: 3 months ago

Mikio Discord Bot

Mikio is a very strong 24/7 discord bot built with discord.js!
It includes alot of commands like:

➻ dog (cute dog image, bet you won't aww)
➻ hug (coldness go brr)

➻ work (economy command)
➻ slots (slots to earn some money!)
➻ meme (meme.)
➻ topinvites (shows the person with the most invites in the server!)
➻ weebgreetings (welcomers for weebs, you can pick the channel!)
➻ levelup (enable and disable level up messages!)

Command categories:

➤ Config
➤ Animal
➤ Anime
➤ Fun
➤ General
➤ Misc
➤ Reaction
➤ Social
➤ Utility

(More always coming!)

Yes we do support custom prefixes, user prefixes, languages and starboard!